rip drive mechanism includes a chain

Date: 2012-09-21

 blind hole for perforating barrel body CNC drilling machine on the chain drive mechanism, the utility model relates to a chain drive mechanism to solve the perforation the barrel in vivo blind hole machining CNC drilling machine the longer the distance between the tip and the main sprocket, a single chain drive is easy to loose off the chain. The drive motor is swing chain driven by the drive gear shaft and main drive gear drive pinion rotation of the main chain of the axle rotates with and promote the main sprocket.

    Plastic blowing machine of the chain drive and the central heating unit, the chain drive mechanism includes a chain and a plurality of transmission gears, chains are fixed to certain chain block assembly, which includes a chain block, the top of each chain block are equipped with fixed heated preform seat, the chain drive mechanism also includes several groups inversion disk assembly, the chain around the reversing disc iron chain assembly is inverted angle of 90 ° or 180 °.

    Chain clamp, the clamp body and one end of the chain, the chain is in contact with the clamp body connection end and the other end to the free end, in the clamp body and chain or clamp body and the chain has at least used to chain fixed or limited the magnetic properties located in the clamp body adsorbent, the adsorbent is used to reduce or eliminate invalid chain free end wobble.
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Keyword:swing chain,iron chain