The chain hoist installation and maintenance skills

Date: 2012-12-16

Finished finished, wipe the dirt on the chain hoist should be stored in a dry place to prevent damp rust and corrosion. Each year should be familiar gourd bodies washed with kerosene parts, gear and bearing parts, plus grease lubrication, prevent understand gourd swing chain performance principle by easily removable.

Chain hoist gear is mounted, you should use two tablets teeth "0" mark along the same line. Lifting the sprocket or so bearing rollers, the available butter adhesion pressure has mounted on the the lifting sprocket journal inner ring, bearing outer circle reentry wallboard. Note the pawl Ministry is engaged install brake part, the spring pawl control should be flexible and reliable. After install started sprocket, iron chain chain hoists the clockwise rotation bracelet round ratchet, friction plate should be pressed on the brake seat gap left between the the counterclockwise rotation bracelet round, ratchet and friction plate. Supporting bar with the right wall panels for stationary fit Never disassemble, repair. Chain hoists after cleaning maintenance should be carried out no-load and overload test to confirm the normal operation before use.

Refueling and the use of the process, the friction surface of the brake must be kept clean, and always check the braking performance, prevent brake failure caused by heavy objects since the fall. Convenient for maintenance and demolition, hand chain a Department opening chain
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