The chain surface rust how to deal with

Date: 2013-04-18

chainseveraltimes,intheperformanceofsomerust,thattheserustshouldbehowtodealwithit?Todaywin-winforyouindetail:    Removalofrustonth

chain several times, in the performance of some rust, that these rust should be how to deal with it? Today win-win for you in detail:

    Removal of rust on the surface of the stainless steel chain, swing chain can use the pickling paste, it is possible to improve the surface finish of stainless steel chain.

    During the operation of the alerts, the first pickling paste is applied in the stainless steel chain surface, the coating thickness for the 0.5-2mm,iron chain ships stainless steel chain reaction time is 3-10 minutes or more, the use of 0 ° C or less, or thick-skinned oxide , an appropriate extension of time, the process is best to use a brush several times, the surface oxide is completely removed, better with lime or lye (water) rinse to avoid return to rust, such as this product water, Do not drained, shake or stir.