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Man injured in assault

Jealousy caused a man, 29, to end up in intensive care (ICU) with head injuries while his girlfriend, 36, was slightly injured after her ex-husband and his three friends set on them with iron chain and helmets.

The incident occurred on Sunday night after the 43-year-old ex-hubby — with whom the woman has two children — invited her and her boyfriend out to talk on relationship matters.

But when the woman and her boyfriend arrived at Cross Road at 11pm, they were ambushed by four men, including her ex-hubby.

The men aged 22 to 49 who were armed assaulted the couple with kicks and punches.

The woman’s boyfriend from Kabong was severely injured on the back of his head and left side of his face and forehead.

The woman, who sustained minor injuries on the head, body and arm, managed to escape on foot and headed for the Central Police Station.

Police arrived at the scene and apprehended two men while the other two — the ex-husband who is a gardener and his co-worker — escaped.

They found the injured man lying in a pool of blood on the ground and summoned an ambulance.

Medical personnel spent half an hour reviving the man who was in critical condition before admitting him to ICU.

Police managed in less than an hour to track down the other two men to their quarters in a secondary school in town.

They seized from the four suspects their blood-stained jeans, helmets, an iron chain and two motorcycles.

The four have been under remand since yesterday.




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