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Brand doors from the three companies need to consider the development of

By the state macro-control effects of real estate, building materials market is starting to prove in the doldrums, but as a brand doors of businesses, from the following three aspects should be considered in development:

     Production of product differentiation

     Currently, the doors of the market itself is poor, you pocket a little money, part of their consumption patterns change will occur, such as buying swing chain  low-priced products. Meanwhile, China's doors wider market, is relatively deep, for example, provincial, prefecture, county, township, and its consumption level will also have significant differences. But in the long run, the production of cheap durable wooden products, wooden doors of the brand companies, is a trap.

     Product quality, excellent design and service to

     The real estate market in China under the influence, the majority of enterprises in order to survive, wins the market, launched a fierce price promotions. At present, China's middle class more and more, these people do not blindly choose low-priced products, but prefer the price of a good quality brand products, because the consumer can bring a better experience and protection.

     Focus on products, services, innovation, and adapt to consumer demand

     Many doors of businesses for the consumer's hand this year, retro trend, market-oriented developed a new type of wooden products. These not only  iron chain brings new sales and revenue growth, while also enhancing the company's competitive advantage and brand new grade.

     In the moment, to get out of a depressed market conditions, brands only in the products and services continue to innovate, to go from low to high, go low-end brand positioning to go from the high-end development. At the same time, through continuous improvement store image, expanding channels, insist bigger and stronger, in order to enhance the brand and win the market. Otherwise sluggish economic environment in which enterprises can gradually sleep.
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