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Furniture Hardware Analysis of the historical development of breakthrough

Human history, is a summary of design experience and knowledge. They are building the foundation stone, the designer of a new program of brewing the best reference materials, leather design is a beacon in this sea. Although the lighthouse has been in the back of our voyage, but when they turn in our journey to the front guide us. Because our work is a time of global voyage, we sailed from the starting point from east to west, then back to the beginning of this end, we will sail west from the starting point, a circle around the Earth after he returned to our the starting point. We now talk about them is a bit "belated" or "hindsight" is suspected? No, not if it is.

At different times by different designers, "alive" design out, will again be different era, different designers slowly forgotten in the corner of years, or were submerged in the history of rolling into the sand. The same fashion to promote the leather to make an indelible contribution to the brilliance of many Yu Yu handbag furniture hardware accessories. Blowing sand years old, should not blow the old designer furniture hardware accessories for these thoughts, let us look back to see who the designer of furniture hardware accessories for the following on how to evolve.

Shows the relationship between changes in hardware characteristics and laws, is to allow more people, from more angles, more broad range around the center of Rao carried out a certain creative, full of fresh effects of furniture hardware accessories designed to provide effective way of thinking. Because our never-ending work, our design is not an essay Zhenggao activities, our work will never end date. We did so to discuss their shape, performance, analysis of their different ideas, because they show up the idea will never become obsolete. Understand the situation, unity of thinking in the case, will design a hundred times more than the present, thousands of times the best furniture hardware accessories.

God created the world's most beautiful, best, most intelligent human beings, God also created the strange flora and fauna, ancient and modern colored race has created numerous miracles and a mix of stylish, sophisticated technology, large great little project. Their structure, their organizations have their rigorous scientific and important era, fromplastisol coated chain them are reflected in numerous United States, from them can find a myriad of inspiration. We can see from the shape of parts, performance, process characteristics, advantages and disadvantages to find a breakthrough, from the "ruins of history" to find a breakthrough, from the nature or even the entire universe to find a breakthrough.

We "mutual learning and common progress" for the purpose of the "for designers and design enthusiasts to create a platform for sharing ideas, for the leather goods company to create the best economic benefits" for the purpose, so that our ideas into practical significance goods to our own to create a "substantial self, self, self-improvement" environment, we will humbly accept the criticism of friends and adopt your feedback! have please the majority of designers and design enthusiasts to actively participate friends ! Thank you! we can explore handbags, wallets, luggage, belts and all other furniture hardware design, to talk about their past, talk about them now, the most important thing is to talk about their future. As, let's open the head, so that we and the majority of designers and design enthusiasts to make friends, let us work together to explore the furniture hardware design space in this huge problem.

The most critical issue is whether we are lazy, we are ignorant, we are speculative, we are hypocritical, we rest on our laurels, we are complacent, we get along with colleagues carefully whether frank with people, we recognize The good news is that our human brain which has infinite wisdom, just starting brain teasers, you can come up with a lot of clever ideas, improve well-developed numerous programs, planning out a field of great events, all brewing the attack grams, invincible strategy
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