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Hardware locks industry needs to reduce costs to establish a brand

Network domestic locks industry with annual sales of more than 40 billion yuan production capacity of over 2 billion, with exports of over 10 billion yuan.plastisol coated chainLock market will remain high growth rate of more than 20% per annum. With the trend of global economic integration, China's lock industry began the road of internationalization, branding industry.

    Recently, copper, zinc and other metal prices of raw materials to downstream fluctuations in the business for the return of funds to reduce inventory pressure, capital preservation sales. Most locks product sales increase. In addition, the expansion of domestic demand, the introduction of measures to ease some of the pressure caused by the financial crisis, domestic rally is powerful to fill export shrinkage. Market performance are: the domestic side, the increase in autumn and winter home decorating products door lock, handle lock, anti-theft locks and hinges, the door such as smoking trend, a larger volume; chain lock, motorcycle padlock and disc lock The product is also popular consumer favorite, substantial sales. The export side, foreign to the inquiry, returned to single wait-and-see atmosphere.

    The traditional style sales stable and broad prospects. The year is approaching, the increase in demand for people on the traditional locks, ball lock, handle lock, mortise lock, the recent sales potential to go stable, multi-domestic-based. Most merchants also according to the different needs of urban and rural household door locks level sub-file production and sales is very promising.
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