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China is recognized as a metal products manufacturing

China is recognized as a metal products manufacturing, and the background of China's abundant labor resources and cheap, but the product has low technological iron chain content need to change by the manufacturer to the creators. First-class products are sold to Europe, America, defective domestic sales, China Hardware companies need to produce to master the core technology products.

    Nowadays, the kitchen hardware industry to attach importance to product quality, brand awareness and to strengthen swing chain marketing, publicity and technological innovation intensified, there was even a low-carbon heat, kitchen hardware will be more to the pursuit of low-carbon, energy saving, green, green. Kitchen hardware industry in the future is bound to a large number of low-carbon technologies features new material. New energy-saving, environmental protection and hardware products market demand will maintain a long-term growth. The hardware business is bound to improve the technical innovation, research and development of more energy-efficient products, and hardware industry to increase resource conservation and environmental protection efforts, and efforts to achieve the industrial structure dominated by energy-intensive to capital, technology, knowledge-intensive industries, the main change, reduce the proportion of high energy consumption, high pollution and high convergence industry in the national economy.
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